A New Day For A New 20th



This is my second run for the redistricted 20th Congressional District. I am running as a no party Independent. And yes, I filed before the massive pile-on of less courageous candidates rushing to fill a vacuum.



I am currently in my second elected term as Director with the Stallion Springs Community Service District where I have 6 years of direct non-partisan, experience legislating vital governmental services for a community of 4,000 – including police, water, sewer, solid waste, roads, parks, etc. I have hired both the General Manager and Chief of Police. I am also serving my second term on the Hearing Board with the Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District as Chairman – frequently as sole adjudicator of variance petitions sought by entities as varied as National Cement, US Borax, and Edwards Air Force Base. I hold 2 advanced science degrees from California universities. I am the only candidate to have called both the north and south of the 20th home, having been raised in Fresno.



The partisan sclerosis clogging the arteries of government is strangling this nation. I have neither Democrat values nor Republican values. I only have values. Country over party.

Important Issues


Paramount to any other issue at this moment in time is the future of our Democracy. The survival of our American Democracy, humanity’s first and most durable democracy and the light of the world’s oppressed, must be protected against all enemies, foreign or domestic. The right of self determination and the principle that those who lead do so only by the authority of those led must be held sacrosanct.

We’ve all heard it before, again and again… the two political parties cannot come together to pass meaningful, effective immigration reform. This is the political problem of our time. Unyielding partisanship from either side is strangling this country and making democracy appear to nothing more than an exercise in futility.

These legislative changes to US immigration law are made by Congress, not the President – whose primary function is to enforce the laws made by Congress, or the Courts – who are responsible for interpreting laws made by Congress. Congress has abrogated its responsibility to make reasonable immigration law for decades, due to self aggrandizement, extremism and partisan stalemates based on the current makeup of Congress. The remedy is for the voters to place Independents in Congress capable of responding to voters needs and not the the whims of grandstanding partisan extremism.



Let’s start with the fact that it is recognized that we are all immigrants, or come from immigrants, to this land. In my case, perhaps a bit earlier than most, that specific year being 1620, when immigration standards were shall we say, quite lax. America needs strong, effective borders capable of protecting America from an increasingly dangerous world as well as being welcoming to those seeking political and economic asylum.

1) Asylum seekers of both political and economic stripe must be accommodated within our justice system. Funding for immigration judges must be increased (by Congress) to handle existing political asylum claims. Anyone not able to prove clear and present jeopardy, should be returned to their country of origin, credible DACA excluded. Those economic migrants seeking work in the United States unfilled by citizens, should be allowed temporary work/stay status for the duration of the work. Employers of temporary workers will share responsibility assessing legal status. Non-adjudicated asylum seekers within U.S. borders shall be required to report to immigration authority at regular intervals, or face permanent deportation from the country and loss of any chance for citizenship.

2) Border strengthening through increased Border Patrol and electronic surveillance.

3) The overview of America’s current immigration problems is rooted in hemispheric problems. This must be addressed if any long term solutions are ever to be realized. Foreign aid to nations with citizens who feel compelled to migrate to the United States must be contingent upon humanitarian and legal changes necessary to keep their populations from emigrating and strengthen democracies. This may perhaps be loosely interpreted to be a “Marshall Plan” for third world Western Hemisphere countries.

Am I married to this proposal? No I am not! I will work tirelessly towards any fair, rational solution which will provide the United States with strong borders and effective immigration policy. As an Independent first and foremost, I am responsible only to my oath to the Constitution of the United States and you the voter. I am not beholden to any party, lobby, campaign contributor, or partisan authoritarian executive.



From the price of gas to the cost of milk and eggs, inflation is eating away at American’s incomes at a startling rate. Nobody knows this better than those of us on fixed incomes, and families. I am with you because I am one of you.



Anthropogenic (man made) climate change is settled science – as much as gravity is. What man hath wrought, man can correct. Although fossil fuels will continue to be an important resource, the continued transition to renewable alternatives must be encouraged and supported if further warming is to be avoided.



In America, unless we are Native American, we all come from somewhere else. Immigration and citizenry demands accountable and orderly policies so that both citizens and immigrants understand their responsibilities and obligations. The dignity of work and family must be upheld for those willing to come to this nation to do the jobs that Americans won’t.  America needs strong, respected boundaries for both security and economic reasons.



America’s wildlands, the envy of the world, are our heritage. We protect them because our children have a right to see untrammeled places – a grizzly bear, a 2000 year old tree, a wild river, a glacier, or simply to hear the wind singing on a high peak.

California's New 20th

The 20th is as diverse as it is large, encompassing farmland, mountain, and desert communities in Kern, Tulare, Kings and Fresno counties.




As stipulated by the US Constitution a census is conducted every 10 years. The Covid delayed 2020 census required redrawing of California’s Congressional Districts. The new 20th Congressional District contains much of the previous 23rd, with some significant differences:

The New 20th

  • The eastern boundary of the 20th now runs upward from Kern County along the crest of the Sierra Nevada. Inyo County and Owens Valley locations are no longer within the 20th.
  • Two large western oriented arms have been added to the top of 20th: The southernmost arm contains parts of Tulare and Kings Counties, including Lemoore (NAS) and parts of Tulare and Visalia. The northernmost arm protruding into Fresno County is defined by the San Joaquin River, notably including much of Clovis.
  • California City is excluded from the 20th (i.e., now within the new 23rd, along with Barstow).
  • Los Angeles County (i.e., Lancaster) is no longer within the 20th at all. The 20th southern boundary now runs along the Kern County to Los Angeles County boundary.

The Oath of Office

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.”

About Donations



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