The Letter

The following came to me via my contacts:

Dear Ben Dewell Campaign.
My name is Chris and I recently wanted to reach out to the campaign.
I am 13 years old and politics has always been a huge interest to me
since I was a little boy.


Even my school teacher is amazed at how much I know about American
politics. I have been asked multiple times by my teacher to educate my
class about American politics for all sides of American political
campaigns and parties.

I was wondering if I could get merchandise and information I can have about the campaign to further my knowledge. I have spoken about the campaign many times when talking about
American elections.
That also being said, I want to create a display of all my political merchandise and information to teach kids and adults about American
politics for all sides. I would like to add the campaign merchandise and
information to my display. Thank You again for taking the time to read
this email.

Here is my (mailed) response:

April 27, 2022


Dear Chris:

Please forgive me for not honoring your request for my campaign materials. I hope you will appreciate that some citizens of this great land run for office when they are compelled by existential forces to become part of the solution – not for Party fealty, nor corporate prid quo pro, nor personal aggrandizement. Without the campaign support my opponents enjoy, I am unable to forward you any of the items you requested, because I do not have them. All I have is a desire and a commitment to fulfill my sworn duty as an American to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.


Thanks so much for your interest and your support of democracy.



Ben Dewell



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