Yes! Now that 2022 is officially in the books, I will be working throughout the coming year to gain support for 2024. The only way I will succeed is with your support!


Another day in the good ‘ol US, another mass shooting. I don’t want your guns. The school shooter wants your guns…the church shooter wants your guns…the mall shooter wants your guns…the gun lobby wants your guns…your feckless legislators awash in lobby money want your guns. I am  independent. No one owns me, and ever will. …

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If SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade, as seems likely, it will mark the first time since Prohibition that a right has been taken away from Americans. We all know how that turned out.

The Right To Choose

With the right to choose on the precipice of no longer being the law of the land, it is more important than ever to choose primary candidates who can actually win their 2022 general election legislative races.

The Letter

The following came to me via my contacts: Dear Ben Dewell Campaign.My name is Chris and I recently wanted to reach out to the campaign.I am 13 years old and politics has always been a huge interest to mesince I was a little boy.   Even my school teacher is amazed at how much I …

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Ukraine is US

I support the Administration’s measured, progressive approach to Russian economic sanctions and non boots-on-the-ground support, but believe it is now time, if there ever was a time, to cut the bloody ties to Russian oil and fossil fuels from which it derives its chief support for the extermination and subjectification of free peoples. The United …

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Help Ukraine!

I have installed a Help Ukraine donation button on my home page. The button will take you to Direct Relief, rated consistently among the top 10 charities and 100% fundraising efficient by Forbes Magazine. They are the only charity I give to. Choose “Direct my donation to”, and select “Ukraine Crisis”. The link has been …

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Today, I filed nomination papers for candidacy and will be on the ballot for U.S. Representative in the newly re-districted 20th Congressional District (CA). Onto the June 7 Primary. Thanks to the Tehachapi Democratic Club for helping me to collect Petitions in Lieu!

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